THE NORTH-EAST VETERINARIAN welcomes original articles on any veterinary subjects as long as those provides significant information's, concepts or methodology in respect of clinical and animal husbandry technology

  • The title of the articles should be short, specific, and informative about the article.
  • The reference of the articles should be in alphabetical order.
  • Photographs should show details.
  • The articles should be typed or neatly hand written with adequate spaces in between lines and should not exceed 1200 words in case of     clinical and 2000 words in case of general aeticles including photographs and drawings.
  • Short communications, uncommon field experiences, farmers success story, book review, photo features, news, career News,     Achievements of Vet will also be accepted for publication.
  • Article can be sent either by post, CD, or by E-mail.
  • The menuscript will not be returned in case of rejection or delay in publication.
  • The author will have to submit a declaration as follows -